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Spot a Photographer Ipoh offers listing of professional photographers and photo studios in the city. Looking for celebrity, commercial, editorial, fashion, graduation, landscape, portfolio, TV, film, wedding, portrait, sport, nature or stock photography photographers in Ipoh? Browse Spot a Photographer now!

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At Jet Fynn, we believe your pictures should tell a story. That's why you may notice that we endeavour to do things a little differently because we care enough to take the time to know you & strive to give you the most amazing images that will stay with you & your loved ones for generations. Weddings and Portraits are our primary passion and why Jet Fynn exists, are we focus on, and most importantly, where our hearts are. The spillover effects of that passion can also be seen in our other...
Specializes in the type of photography: Commercial, Family, Portfolio, Wedding, Portrait
Spot a Photographer Ipoh, Malaysia provides detailed information on each professional photographer, photo studio or freelance photographer listed on the site. The following information can be found on every member’s profile page: portfolio shots, description, contact information, type of photography are they specialize in, photo camera used and geographical areas serviced. Planning a wedding, graduation or any other event and need a photographer? Browse Spot a Photographers Directory to book an appointment with a professional photographer, photo studio or freelance photographer in Ipoh .

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